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  1. Tequila Herradura Añejo è un prodotto storico della distilleria Herradura e sicuramente un punto di riferimento per questa tipologia di prodotti. Ottimo come distillato da meditazione che in abbinamento ad antipasti a base di sardoncini, carni e pesci fritti o alla griglia, formaggi erborinati a pasta dura e cioccolato fondente
  2. Produced in the tiny village of Amitan, a stone's throw from the town of Tequila, Herradura Añejo tequila is a blend of modern and traditional distilling techniques. Agave hearts (piñas) are first roasted in clay ovens, before being shredded by a mechanical roller, and then fermented with wild yeasts native to the area
  3. Review #223 - Herradura Tequila Anejo Herradura is a strange brand for me. It's been inconsistent in all of its ages. This review is on a new bottling of the anejo, which has, for me, consistently been the best of the bunch
  4. Herradura Añejo Bottling Note A very good quality Añejo from Herradura. This was introduced in 1962, and was the first commercially available tequila of its type. It also won Golds at both the coveted International Wine and Spirit Competition as well as the San Francisco World Spirits Competition - both in 2006
  5. Tequila Herradura is expanding its ultra-premium portfolio with the launch of Tequila Herradura Legend, a first-of-its-kind Añejo tequila that showcases Herradura's sophistication in tequila production and barrel making. The ultra-premium tequila will be a permanent expression in the portfolio, available in select U.S. markets in October
  6. Extra añejo is a category added in 2006 that includes tequila aged at least three years in oak vats under 600 liters. Generally, the longer tequila ages in oak, the smoother and more full-bodied it becomes. A tequila labeled simply gold or joven is unaged, possibly with caramel coloring or other sweeteners added

This golden-hued tequila was first produced by Casa Herradura in 1962 and has since skyrocketed to industry fame. The spirit ages for 25 months—which is 13 months more than the regulated standard—in American white oak barrels, which leads to a medium to full-bodied sipper loaded with warm flavors of citrus, cedar spice, vanilla, dried fruits and wood Tequila Herradura is known for innovating in the tequila category. At 150 years old, the brand is one of the oldest distilleries operating in Mexico today. The brand was behind the creation of both..

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  1. Ideal para consumirse solo, tiene aroma a notas a madera que se mezclan con notas de frutas, vainilla, caramelo, nueces y agave cocido. •Encuentra Tequila Herradura Añejo 750 ml en Bodegas Alianza. •País de Origen: México •Alc. Vol: 40
  2. Herradura Tequila Herradura Anejo Herradura 0,700 L Invecchiata in botti di rovere per due anni (due volte come suggerito dalle norme della categoria), ha un colore ambrato profondo e un sapore complesso di agave cotto e frutta secca
  3. Tequila Herradura is an ultra-premium 100% agave tequila crafted by Casa Herradura using traditional production methods such as the most mature blue agave, clay ovens and fermenting naturally with..
  4. Tequila Herradura Añejo is a historical product of the Herradura distillery and certainly a point of reference for this type of product. Excellent as a meditation distillate that in combination with appetizers based on sardines, fried or grilled meats and fish, blue cheeses with hard paste and dark chocolate
  5. Winning the title of Best Tequila in the World at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2014, this tequila is aged for 49 months, imparting it with a rich, dark color. Incredibly smooth with a long..
  6. Herradura Añejo was introduced by Casa Herradura in 1962. The spirit is bottled at 40 % alcohol by volume for the North American market. In the Bottle 4.5/5 Herradura Anejo Tequila comes in a squat, clear, rectangular glass bottle pictured to the left
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Conociendo mas sobre esta gran bebida el tequila.Probando tequila Herradura Añejo con mas de 5 años de haberse abierto por primera vez, vamos a ver si conser.. Tequila Matchmaker There's a tequila for everyone. Find which tequilas are right for you. Each tequila has its own flavor fingerprint, and each person has his or her own flavor preferences. Our propietary matching algorithm uses nine different characteristics to find the best matches for you. And, it gets smarter the more you use it Review: Herradura Ultra Anejo Tequila (84/100) a review by Chip Dykstra (Aka Arctic Wolf) April 25, 2019. The Herradura Tequila brand is owned by Brown-Froman.It is produced thirty miles from Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, in the town of Amatitan, at Brown - Forman Tequila Distillery Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. which is also referred to as Hacienda Herradura Rated A- Reviews Tequila Review: Tequila Herradura Ultra Anejo (2015) November 24, 2015 Clear, filtered anejo tequila is still the big thing in the agave category, and next up in the queue is Herradura, which takes tequila that has spent over 4 years in oak barrels and filters it back to blanco (in color, anyway) Le migliori offerte per Tequila Herradura Anejo sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis

Tequila Herradura is barrel-aged from 45 days to 49 months in 55 gallon charred American White Oak barrels to create a robust flavor profile. To reduce their environmental footprint, sustainable practices are integrated into every facet of the production process, from minimizing waste and purifying water to maximizing energy efficiency Tequila Herradura Reposado - Herradura (0.7l): Perché ci piace. La Tequila Herradura Reposado, tipico distillato del Messico derivante dalla pianta di agave, viene prodotta da Casa Herradura, distilleria storica che produce questa tequila da oltre 25 anni. Herradura Reposado invecchia per 11 mesi in botti di rovere americana Dos Artes Anejo Tequila Limited Edition Boot Bottle 1 Liter-$169.99. Sold Out Dos Artes Anejo Tequila Limited Edition Boot Bottle 1 Liter $169.99. Brand Dos Artes. Herradura Anejo $54.99. Brand Herradura Tequila. Quantity. More Details Tequila Fortaleza Añejo-$84.00. Tequila Fortaleza Añejo $84.00

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  2. Vendita online Tequila Herradura Anejo 70cl (Astucciato) al Miglior Prezzo Garantito. Acquista ora su Bernabei.it, leggi le recensioni e confronta le offerte. Spedizioni rapide e sicure
  3. Tequila Herradura Anejo 70 cl. Herradura è stata fondata nel 1861 da Feliciano Romo ad Amatitàn, una cittadina situata a circa 10 Km dalla città di Tequila nello stato di Jalisco. La leggenda vuole che Feliciano Romo, mentre cercava il luogo ideale per costruire la distilleria, abbia intravisto un oggetto luccicante in terra. Era un ferro di cavallo, da sempre considerato un oggetto.
  4. La Tequila Anejo della storica distilleria messicana Herradura deve la sua intensa complessità aromatica all'invecchiamento di 24 mesi in botti di Bourbon del Kentucky. I profumi richiamano l'agave, la frutta secca e il legno tostato

Risale invece al 1962 la loro prima produzione di tequila añejo, invecchiato per due anni in botti di rovere. Herradura è stata fondata nel 1861 da Feliciano Romo ad Amatitàn, una cittadina situata a circa 10 Km dalla città di Tequila nello stato di Jalisco Since 1962, Herradura has been proud to offer this delicious aged tequila. Barrelling for two years in oak (twice as long as suggested by the category standards) gives it both a deep amber color and complex taste of cooked agave and dried fruit. Color: Dark amber Aroma: Intense cooked agave and spice, toasted oak and nutty notes >Taste: Very smooth with cooked agave and dried fruit<br>Finish. Il Tequila Reposado di Herradura viene prodotto nella località di Amatitàn, situata nello stato di Jalisco, in Messico. Ottenuto interamente da agave blu di proprietà, in seguito alla distillazione questo tequila affina per 11 mesi in barrique di rovere bianco americano

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Tequila Kah Anejo: I motivi neri e bianchi di questa bottiglia rappresentano le pratiche dei Nicaraguensi, che portano l'espressione riposi in pace ad un nuovo livello. Nonostante abbiano tradizioni similari ad altre controparti latinoamericane dormono anche spesso nelle tombe dei loro cari. l'idea è che dormendo con i defunti, si renda più forte il legame affettivo con loro Añejo Tequila is a caramel colored tequila that has been aged in oak barrels for at least 1 year. It is a smooth tequila that has a deeper and stronger flavor than a silver/blanco. You will first get a very slight smoky flavor and then it finishes with a smooth vanilla and caramel flavor, which makes it an excellent on the rocks drink Herradura Anejo Tequila, 70 cl: Amazon.co.uk: Grocery Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads Tequila Herradura Anejo 750 ml, Mexico $ 34.27 $ 45.69 / 1000ml. inc. 16% sales tax. Go to shop Chupatel. Mexico . Bottle (750ml) Standard delivery 1 week No minimum order. Bottle (750ml) Herradura Anejo.

Le migliori offerte per Tequila Herradura Anejo CL. 70 sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis The ultimate expression of our passion, tequila herradura aniversario commemorates 150 years of excellence. Crafted to embody the essence of sophistication, it's aged for 100 months to create an exceptionally mature and complex tequila worthy of celebration Herradura Reposado Tequila. Invecchiato in fusti di rovere americano giovane per 9 mesi, questo Tequila Reposado è stato uno dei pionieri del mercato. Di un bel colore dorato, rivela al naso aromi di anice, di frutta e di spezie. Dolce, svela in bocca note di vaniglia, di burro e di. Spirit academy Se queres comprar Tequila Herradura Añejo, no Drinks&Co encontrarás os melhores preços para Tequilas Destilerías Tequila Herradura. Poupa com a Drinks&Co de forma 100% segura e com a maior facilidade. Contamos com mais de 59.000 produtos à venda El Tequila Herradura es una bebida alcohólica hecha al 100% de Agave.Este producto viene en diferentes variedades entre las que destacan: Añejo, Selección Suprema, Reposado, Antiguo entre otros. Hasta el momento este producto no ha sido analizado por ningún organismo especializado en el ramo

Tequila Herradura Añejo - 700 ml: Amazon.es: Alimentación y bebidas The Anejo tequilas are quite variable, sometimes the flavour imparted by the barrels actually diminishes the subtle complex aromas of the Plata tequila, but in this case, the result is exceptional, smooth, well balanced and very moreish What I like about Herradura tequilas, is their strong spicy profile. Here's what the distiller says about this tequila: With the perfect blend of our premium Añejo and Extra Añejo barrels, ULTRA is a crystal-clear tequila. A subtle hint of agave nectar offers a superior taste that will transport tequila connoisseurs beyond smoothness If you want to buy Herradura Ultra Añejo, at Drinks&Co you will find the best prices for Tequilas Destilerías Tequila Herradura. Purchase it at Drinks&Co at the best price, fast, easy and 100% safe Herradura Ultra Anejo Tequila quantity. Add to cart. SKU: 14429-1 Category: Tequila. Additional information Additional information. Size: 750 mL. Related products. Casa Dragones Blanco Tequila $ 68.99. Jose Cuervo Gold $ 22.99. Riazul Anejo Tequila $ 52.99. Corzo Reposado Tequila $ 64.99. Corzo Silve Tequila Herradura's long-standing legacy of craftsmanship dates back to 1870 with every step of the process taking place at Casa Herradura. The process begins in the fields of over 18 million Blue Weber agave plants which have been propagated for close to 150 years from the original agave grown around Casa Herradura

Herradura 150th Anniversary Tequila Extra Anejo - In honor of its 150th Anniversary, Herradura proudly present Tequila Herradura Aniversario - a 100 month aged Extra Anejo TEQUILA HERRADURA PLATA € 30.00 Aggiungi al carrello; TEQUILA HERRADURA REPOSADO € 35.00 Aggiungi al carrello; TEQUILA MILAGRO SILVER € 29.00 Aggiungi al carrello; TEQUILA MILAGRO REPOSADO € 29.00 Aggiungi al carrello; TEQUILA MILAGRO ANEJO € 29.00 Aggiungi al carrello; TEQUILA TISCAZ € 13.50 Aggiungi al carrello; TEQUILA TISCAZ GOL

The crisp taste of Tequila Herradura Ultra starts with one of our finest añejos, filtered to remove color and enhance smoothness. Full-bodied yet with subtle hints of agave nectar, caramel, vanilla, wood and dried fruit, it has a distinct flavor that's sure to elevate any high-energy occasion tequila Tequila Herradura Añejo, Tequila. Winery: Destilerías Tequila Herradura. Buy at the best price from $53.70! & share your opinio Herradura Ultra Anejo Tequila 750ml. With the perfect blend of our premium Anejo and Extra Anejo barrels, ULTRA is a crystal-clear tequila.A subtle hint of agave nectar offers a superior taste that will transport tequila connoisseurs beyond smoothness

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Tequila Herradura (officially Grupo Industrial Herradura) is a tequila distiller located in Amatitán, Jalisco, Mexico. It was formally founded in 1870 by Félix López and the business remained in the family for over 125 years Tequila at its most basic is often called a blanco or silver tequila. This tequila is not aged, so it offers the consumer a more unadulterated flavor from the agave plant used to make it. Typically, blanco or silver tequilas are clear in color. They are most typically made solely from the blue agave plant

Tequila Herradura Ultra Añejo. Top 100 Spirits 2016. Return to List. Thanks for signing up! You now have FREE access to nearly 300,000 wine, beer and spirit reviews. Cheers! Thirsty for more Herradura Ultra Anejo Tequila from Mexico - Tequila Herradura Ultra Cristalino Añejo is an incomparable cristalino añejo tequila. This tequila is produced in Jalisco, Mexico at Casa Herradura, the last tr.. Tequila Herradura Ultra 375 ml. Exclusivo de tequilas Extra Añejos, filtrados para entregar un producto transparente y ULTRA SUAVE, que conserva todo el carácter y sabor de un tequila Extra-Añejo de Herradura, tiene un aroma con notas de madera, vainilla, mantequilla y cítricos que se entrelazan con el olor ahumado del agave cocido

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Tequila Herradura Doble Reposado 150 Aniversario 750 ml $920.00 Cant.-+ Agregar al carrito. Comprar Todos. Tequila Herradura Rep 950ml $488.00 Cant.-+ Agregar al carrito. Comprar Todos. Tequila Herradura Rep 700ml. La prima tequila venne prodotta in Messico nel XVI secolo nei pressi della località dove dopo il 1666 sorgerà la città di Tequila. Le popolazioni azteche producevano una variante di pulque detta ixtac octli (il liquore bianco), molto prima dell'arrivo degli spagnoli nel 1521, ottenuta dalla fermentazione del succo dell'agave.Quando i conquistadores terminarono le scorte di brandy. El tequila blanco, al no tener tiempo de añejamiento, no adquiere color. Su sabor es más dulce y cuenta con notas suaves y tonos cítricos. Es la base con la que se preparan todos los tequilas y. Acquista Herradura Anejo Tequila su Spirit Academy - Tequila (Messico) - Disponibile. A partire da Mercoledì 16 Dicembre, per tutti i nuovi ordini effettuati sul sito non è garantita la consegna entro Natale. Le tempistiche di consegna sono più lunghe a causa del periodo di forte sovraccarico dei corrieri a cui ci affidiamo

TEQUILA HERRADURA ULTRA AÑEJO 750 ML $ 641.00. Precio exclusivo Tienda en Línea. Descripción: Agotado. TEQUILA CUERVO GRAN CENTENARIO REPOSADO 700ML+CENTENARIO PLATA 700ML cantidad. Añadir. Quick View. TEQUILA HONOR DEL CASTILLO REPOSADO 750ML $ 1,604.00 Herradura Reposado is a delicious Tequila which was launched in 1974 - it was also the world's first commercial Reposado! It is aged for 11 months in oak and it took home a Double Gold from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition TEQUILA HERRADURA ANTIGUO REPOSADO 700ML cantidad. Añadir. Quick View. Agotado. TEQUILA HERRADURA ANTIGUO REPOSADO 700ML CON 2 LATAS $ 306.00. Agotado. Ver más. Quick View. TEQUILA HERRADURA DIRECTO DE ALAMBIQUE 750ML $ 791.00. TEQUILA HERRADURA DIRECTO DE ALAMBIQUE 750ML cantidad. Añadir. Quick View. Agotado. TEQUILA HERRADURA PLATA 375M Herradura Anejo Herradura Anejo is aged for 2 years (one year longer than the Mexican government regulations before a tequila can be called Anejo) and this aging process translates well to the tequila. I never expected tequila to be aged like other premium liquors, and I was pleasantly surprised Add a Message Card For £1.99. 96% Feefo Rating. Discover & Shop Now! Massive Selection of Personalised Gifts For Your Loved One

Colore ambra brillante e profondo. Al naso, sentori di agrumi, di erbe aromatiche, di cedro e di frutta secca, con una piacevole nota dolce e avvolgente. In bocca, il gusto è ricco, caldo, morbido e di medio corpo. Si distende su note erbacee e speziate, finale armonico Extra Añejo Tequila Herradura Suprema Sel 700 ml, premio edizione limitata tequila agave in forno di argilla botti di rovere tostato e affinato in America per 49 mesi. Ha aromi ricchi e sapori profumati di vaniglia, quercia, noci, cannella e petali di rosa TEQUILA HERRADURA ANEJO CL.70 Ebay € 57,00 Spedizione gratuita € 57,00 Vedi l'offerta; Tequila Herradura Anejo di Herradura (7501145233399) Ebay € 59,20 + Spedizione: € 6,50 € 65,70 Vedi l'offerta; HERRADURA TEQUILA ANEJO ORIGINAL 70 CL Ebay € 63,90 + Spedizione: € 7,90 € 71,80 Vedi l'offert Stai recensendo: Tequila Herradura Anejo Il tuo voto. Voto. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Nickname. Titolo. Recensione. Invia recensione. Marca . Casa Herradura venne fondata intorno al 1870 nella cittadina di Amatità¡n, che si trova a 35 km da Guadalajara e a 20 km da Tequila

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Bright gold in the glass, look for a fresh and breezy aroma that mixes grassy notes with gentle vanilla. It's light and soft on the palate, showing honey, pepper and banana before finishing on.. Herradura Legend Anejo Tequila. $134.99. Casa Noble Santana Reserve 5 Years Extra Anejo Tequila. $599.99. Casa Noble Anejo Tequila. $59.99. Sold out. Grand Love Red Heart Extra Anejo Tequila. $109.99. Sold out. Cierto Tequila Extra Añejo. $0. Afamado Extra Anejo Tequila 1 Encuentra Tequila Herradura Añejo en MercadoLibre.com.mx! Entre y conozca nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online Tequila Herradura Anejo La Tequila Anejo della storica distilleria messicana Herradura deve la sua intensa complessità aromatica all'invecchiamento di 24 mesi in botti di Bourbon del Kentucky. I profumi richiamano l'agave, la frutta secca e il legno tostato

Born in 1870, Casa Herradura, located at Hacienda San Jose del Refugio, is the last tequila-producing Hacienda on the planet. Within its ancient walls, they craft and estate-bottle some of the finest tequilas anyone has ever tasted. It is here that they invented the first reposado and extra añejo, forever changing the world of tequila Invecchiata in botti di rovere per due anni (due volte come suggerito dalle norme della categoria), ha un colore ambrato profondo e un sapore complesso di agave cotto e frutta secca. E' ricca di aromi: pepe, vaniglia, mele e legno tostato. Il finale è lungo e piacevole This light golden tequila offers up classic aromas of agave, vanilla, and caramel along with a mild hit of alcohol burn and light notes of orange peel and cedar. On the palate, this is a pleasantly medium bodied tequila, lightly coating the tongue and showcasing a mélange of spice notes, light oak and agave along with vanilla and a slight earthy flavor Compra en línea Tequila Herradura Ultra Añejo 750 ml | Realiza tus compras en Sam's Club en línea y conoce los beneficios de entrega a domicili Mexico- Herradura Legend is made from the finest blue agave, naturally fermented, distilled, and then matured for 14 months in heavily charred new American White Oak barrels. These special barrels have been deeply grooved, exposing the tequila to more layers of toasted oak

Herradura. - Tequila Añejo. Product of Mexico. Cooked agave with wood, vanilla and cinnamon notes. 80 Proof Note intense di agave cotta e spezie, rovere tostato e noci.... Herradura Anejo- Tequila | Buy now online at HK Liquor Store. 香港烈酒專門店 | Free delivery available within Hong Kong Made in El Valle (lowlands) at Tequila Herradura, S.A. DE C.V.- NOM 1119, this is an exceptional and tasty tequila. Herradura Seleccion Suprema Extra Añejo was called the first Extra Añejo, back in 1990. Maria Theresa is the first female master distiller and she's been working for Herradura for 29 years

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Herradura Anejo Tequila Old Presentation. 75cl / 40% £99.95 (£133.27 per litre) Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila 70cl / 40% £282 (£402.86 per litre) Customer Reviews. Your Review. Your Name (Optional) Rate this product. Add Your Review. Reviews (3) Reviews. 5. Jim, 23 June 2017 Great. Tequila Herradura Añejo está fabricado en la región central mexicana y está hecho con una base 100 % de agave azul Weber. Se lo compara muchas veces con los mejores whiskies del mundo por su exquisito sabor que deja en el paladar. Este tequila se añeja durante 25 meses (el doble de lo que la legislación mexicana obliga para los tequilas añejos) en barricas de roble que le aportan cuerpo. herradura tequila anejo: confronta i prezzi di herradura tequila anejo in vendita online, guarda la Scheda Tecnica del prodotto e leggi la nostra recension Herradura Anejo Tequila 750ml. $45.99. Add to Cart. Quick view Herradura Legend Anejo Barril Acanalado 750ml. Our specially crafted handmade barrels have been heavily charred and deeply grooved, exposing the te. $139.99. Add to Cart. Quick view.

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Encuentra Tequila Herradura Extra Añejo en MercadoLibre.com.mx! Entre y conozca nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online The ultimate expression of our passion. Tequila Herradura Aniversario commemorates 150 years of excellence. Crafted to embody the essence of sophistication, it's aged for 100 months to create an exceptionally mature and complex tequila worthy of celebration Tequila El Amo Anejo Cristalino ist das Ergebnis eines handwerklichen Prozesses, bei dem Tequila, der seit einem Jahr oder mehr in Fässern gelagert wird, auf verschiedene Weise gefiltert wird, um einen weichen und kristallinen Geschmack und eine glatte Farbe zu erhalten

Herradura Ultra Anejo Tequila Be the first to review this product Based on Herradura's aged Añejo tequila, this expression is charcoal-filtered to remove any impurities, producing a clear spirit. Before filtration, a dash pure agave nectar is added, which brings additional cooked agave notes to the finished tequila Cava de Oro Extra Añejo Tequila has a dark amber color with a mixture of aromas including cinnamon, caramel, vanilla, and nutmeg. Its smooth entry quickly expands revealing a delicious range of toasted flavors, cinnamon, and maple syrup, all of which linger on the palate for a pleasant amount of time. 100% agave; Fermented in stainless steel tank El tequila más suave del mundo. El único cristalino elaborado con los mejores añejos y extra añejos de Casa Herradura

Jun 14, 2013 - tequila gift, tequila, tequilas, tequila gifts, single malt whisky, single malt scotch, scotch gift, single malt gift, holiday gift, whisky gift, champagne gift, whiskey holiday gifts, scotch gifts, single malt scotch gifts, Unique Corporate Gifts, Unique Housewarming Gifts, Special Thank You Gifts, Tennessee Whiskey, American Whiskey Gifts, tequila gifts, American Whiskey Gift. Buy Herradura Legend Online. Tequila Herradura Legend is made from the finest 100% blue agave, naturally fermented, distilled and matured for 14 months in new, heavily charred, deeply grooved barrels. Exposing the tequila to more oak as it patiently ages results in a special Anejo Tequila, incredibly rich in color with a luxurious, velvety smooth taste Tequila Herradura Legend is made from the finest 100% blue agave, naturally fermented, distilled and then matured for 14 months in heavily charred, new American White Oak barrels. These special barrels have been deeply grooved, exposing the tequila to more layers of toasted oak, as it patiently ages resulting in a special Añejo tequila with an incredibly rich, deep color and a luxurious and.

Categories: ANEJO, TEQUILA Tags: ANEJO, HERRADURA, LIQUOR, TEQUILA. Description ; Additional information ; Reviews (0) Description. Aged to perfection. Blending modern and traditional distilling techniques, añejo was first introduced to the world by Casa Herradura in 1962 Tequila Herradura Anejo 0,7l. Kategorien 100% Agave-Tequila, Tequila Anejo. Der Tequila Herradura Anejo wird im Amatitan-Tal, gelegen in der Sierra-Madre-Bergkette, in der Destillerie Casa Herradura hergestellt. Gegründet wurde die Destillerie 1870 durch Feliciano Romo

Tequila Herradura on BehanceDon Eduardo Anejo Tequila Reviews and Ratings - Proof66Tequila Herradura Ultra Añejo C/2 Vasos 750ml - BodegasMILAGRO REPOSADO TEQUILABuy Clase Azul Reposado Tequila | Free Delivery AustraliaTequila - Photographs of Tequila BottlesTequila - Brands, History, Pictures, Types - TequilaSource

Herradura Ultra Anejo was first released in 2015 and is part of a nascent trend in filtering aged tequila to remove color and soften the flavor (a practice in the rum industry for some time). The Ultra Anejo blends the flagship anejo product with a proportion of extra-anejo aged up to 4 years in American white oak Herradura Añejo - Tequila; Herradura Añejo - Tequila. Más sobre. Herradura. Familia. Tequila / Mezcal. Historia. Tequila 100% de agave azul cuidadosamente elaborado con métodos tradicionales, tales como la cocción del agave en hornos de arcilla y la fermentación natural con levadura silvestre Herradura Tequila Anejo 70cl (0)Leave a review. £41 £43.95 £43.93 per 75cl. Add to trolley. Add to trolley. Save £2.95, was £43.95. Save £2.95 when you order by 01/12/2020. Offer subject to availability. Maximum 18 promotional items per customer. This product is age restricted to 18 years or over Review: Herradura Anejo Tequila Firm fruity agave gives the spirit a strong lowland character. Black pepper breaks through heating the palate, and then some light oak flavours of caramel and vanilla come through as well. The overall flavour is more balanced than either the Silver or the Reposado was Herradura Anejo Tequila, 70 cl. 4.6 out of 5 stars 73. £41.00 Jose Cuervo Gran Centenario Anejo Tequila, 70 cl. 4.5 out of 5 stars 11. £49.75.

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