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  1. Elicia Hughes is the young daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes and Gracia Hughes. The apple of the Lt. Colonel's eye, Elicia and her unfathomable adorableness are the subject of just about all Maes' casual conversation and grace her father's presence in the form of a photograph that he carries everywhere and shows to almost everyone
  2. g, Look at my beautiful daughter Elicia! Isn't she adorable?
  3. At Anime Banzai 2010, Sonny Strait is requested to have Maes Hughes talk about his daughter
  4. Hughes showing off a picture of his daughter Elicia. Maes Hughes is a major supporting character in the manga/anime franchise Fullmetal Alchemist. He is a Major in the Amestrian State Military working in the Investigations Department and a close friend to the Flame Alchemist Roy Mustang

The next day, Hughes takes the afternoon off of work to celebrate his daughter Elicia's third birthday and, while en route to go shopping for a present, decides to visit Edward in the hospital to inform him that his bodyguards - 2nd Lt. Maria Ross and Sergeant Denny Brosh - will soon be dismissed since Scar no longer appears to be active Maes Hughes Race: Human: Birthday: 1885 Birthplace: Amestris: Age: 29 (deceased 1914) Gender: Male Professional Status Affiliation: State Military: Rank: Brigadier-General Previous Rank: Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Previous Occupation: Intelligence Officer Base of Operations: Central City, Amestris: Personal Status Relatives: Gracia Hughes (wife); Elicia Hughes (daughter This page is a Stub. Please help by contributing your knowledge of Maes Hughes/Live-Action, and to help improve the Fullmetal Alchemist Wiki. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Relationships 3.1 Gracia Hughes 3.2 Roy Mustang 3.3 Edward Elric 4 References 5 Navigation Hughes retains his same appearanceas it does in the Manga and Anime Adaptations, sporting his usual hair and uniform. Hughes's.

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By the way this is My daughter, who turned three this year! By the way this is My daughter, Sonny Strait (Voice of Maes Hughes) says favorite line and steals stuffed pig - Duration: 1:33 Maes Hughes. 49 likes. HAVE YOU SEEN MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER??!?!? (Fan Page After his daughter, Elicia, is born, he fawns about how cute and talented she is and bombards others with pictures of her when he sees them. Despite his over-the-top comical tendencies, Hughes is a valuable ally to Mustang's goal of becoming Führer, supplying whatever classified intelligence that may be beneficial Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes lived a full life that was only partly chronicled in the events of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.After hours of poring over the history delineated in its animated frames, The Dot and Line has painstakingly pieced together a guide to life, etiquette, friendship, love, and morality as exemplified by the life of this public servant of Amestris Maes Hughes. 100 likes. Hey guys! I'm Brigadier General Maes Hughes! Have you met my daughter? She's so adorable!! Here, let me show you a picture..

Jun 25, 2014 - A Maes Hughes cosplay and his daughter taken at AX 2005. Pretty genious, eh? Maes Hughes Cospla Gracia Hughes is one of the characters in the anime/manga series Fullmetal Alchemist. She is the wife of Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes, and the mother of Elicia Hughes. In the 2003 anime series, she is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Lauren Goode in the English version of the anime. In the 2009 anime series, she is voiced by Tomoe Hanba in the Japanese version. Maes Hughes never made it to the phone booth that night. Instead, he was attacked killed by Lust in his office. Roy Mustang was promoted to Central earlier that year, and just so happens to stumble across his recently killed friend. Distraught and not thinking clearly, he runs to call Hawkeye

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Set the VCR: The Death of Maes Hughes… – Art of the CartoonMaes Hughes | Wiki | Anime AminoMaes Hughes | Fullmetal Alchemist Database Wiki | FANDOMMaes Hughes • Fullmetal Alchemist • Absolute AnimeFMA Maes Hughes Funeral ENG Dub Original - YouTubeRight in the feels
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